What people are saying about Craig…

“Taylor has shown that he will take a measured approach to the city’s problems and would work to rebuild confidence in town governance.”
Craig has a keen understanding of — and many years of experience in — our Town’s and fire district’s emergency preparedness and response issues and programs. He is one of very early members of our fire district’s CERPP program for citizen emergency preparedness and has continued without pause to help with both Town and fire district-wide programs for 30 years. Craig is currently a member of Portola Valley’s Emergency Preparedness Committee.

Lorrie Duval
Woodside-Portola Valley Fire Protection Foundation
Advisory Board
Craig and I have worked well together on the Planning Commission for many years.  He cares deeply about Portola Valley, will listen to public input, and if elected will approach his role on our Town Council both thoughtfully and energetically.

Judith Hasko, Planning Commissioner
In Planning Commission meetings I’ve seen you exhibit good judgment, diligence, and collaboration, and I think you will be a strong leader on the Town Council. Thanks for running! (I’m a recent addition to the Sustainability Committee, if you need that info.)

Ronny Krashinsky
Why I think Craig would be awesome on the Portola Valley Town Council. Impressed with your outside the box thinking and your experience on the Planning Commission.

Rebecca Flynn
As a former mayor of Portola Valley, I believe Craig Taylor brings the ideal combination of smarts, temperament, and experience to the Town Council. He has long been involved in emergency planning in town, and his years of service on the Planning Commission have been marked by great skill and attentiveness to the interests of all Town residents. He would be an outstanding addition to the Council.

Steve Toben
He is experienced and knowledgeable, and has demonstrated that he understands and appreciates the needs to balance the important interests of Portola Valley residents and upholds Portola Valley values.

Aimee Armsby
Knowing Craig for many years, we appreciate his reasonableness, sanity, and openness to diverse viewpoints in a time when many others are doubling down on a narrow way of looking at the Town and the world.

John & Patti Zussman
Thank you for running for Town Council and for all you have done for the town. We appreciate your integrity, commitment to community through years of service and your willingness to look for positive solutions to the complex issues facing our town.

Sarah Dorahy
I have been Craig’s colleague at Yahoo! and also been a resident in town for the last 11 years and seen him in action. He will be great!

Amod Setlur